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is asking questions

WHAT WE DOFinding the right candidate is the last thing we do

Executive search equals teamwork. The first thing to do in a successful recruitment process, especially when executive and middle managerial personnel is considered, is not finding the right candidate. The most important thing is to carefully listen to the customer.

A thorough analysis of the company profile, its management culture, its structures is vital. The next features to be defined are specific education, if needed technology background, major achievements, and personality traits of an ideal candidate. A collectively designed and followed process will then allow us to provide a perfect solution. Discretion, working under the pressure of time, good reporting, cost effectiveness: these are the rules we set.

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People say: "recruitment, executive search in particular, is a service of trust". It is because a good recruiter must know a lot about his customer in order to find the right solution. That is why at Malecki Executive Search we focus on the industries, we have been working for for years. It allows us to start each project with the necessary basic knowledge. Then, we follow our specific methodology of analysing of the environment of the position in question. This does not only consist of asking just a couple of simple questions, but of building a very deep understanding of, initially, the customer's business, then of his organization and its structures, then relationships within the firm and, last but not least, its main business processes.
Still. defining of what we are looking for is important and.. may be hard.
This phase is about formulating the profile of the candidate. Together with the customer, we aim to sketch the fullest possible picture of the person we are looking for. A C-level manager with an extensive track of record in highest management functions at top companies? Or perhaps a rising star with strong hands-on production or technology experience? Maybe a specialist in a very niche area of law or a multifunctional senior attorney with solid court expertise? Or would you like all in one? Well, finding such a candidate is hard. That is why we will do it for you.
And yes, the simplest of the three steps: finding the proper candidate. Our tools are a huge database of candidates, a network build upon long years of personal business relationships in the sectors, strong methodology of the market research and, finally, a goal-oriented perseverance. Time, cost and effectiveness well understood.

WHAT WE DOOur expertise comes from the industries

Executive search services are based on two main pillars - trust and a reliable industry expertise. This is why we concentrate on what we know.
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We have our roots in the Business Process Outsourcing and the Shared Service Centre sectors. We know how the Centres work, we know the scope of their services, their management culture, their internal and external clients and, last but not least, their human resource strategies.
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Banking, Financial Services and Insurance are today among the industries, struggling the most with the lack of appropriately educated and skilled talent throughout the world. With the growing demand for candidates on executive level in all Front-, Middle- and Back-Office functions our expertise in this market becomes more and more crucial to our partners.
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There are rarely better synergies as when Private Equity cooperate with a proven Executive Search partner. Portfolio companies are always on a change course, highly driven by development and growth. No surprise that very often a new strong leader is needed. A CFO, a CSO or maybe a non-executve Board or Advisory Board member? Here we come to deliver a tailor made solution.

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